Tuesday, July 24, 2007

PJ Inc. Kicks Ass. . . Rosey Media Films It!

So as to follow proper journalistic procedure and not bury the lead: July 12th and 13th, Rosey Media shot a, webisode format piece for and starring the high powered PR firm, PJ Inc. The piece was written, directed, and produced entirely by Rosey Media. It's development was a two month collaborative process between RM and PJ Inc., and it will hit their website, and ours, in the next couple of weeks. And now, the shameless plug: (We can't help it. We're fans.) The staff at PJ Inc. just straight up kicks ass. They are a high octane PR firm, dealing with Fortune 500 clients, with a myriad of winning campaigns to their credit, including the incredibly successful Vegas.com phenomenon. And they're NICE! And FUN! And CREATIVE! The firm's fearless leader is a force of nature by the name of Pamela Johnston, whose ability to multitask is stunning. Her no-nonsense manner is amazing to watch, and her presence commands such respect as to border on Jedi mind control. Extra-terrestrial or not, she was a pleasure to work with, and kept everyone focused and on task throughout two long shoot days. We would also be remiss were we not to mention Gabrielle (Gabi, Gabs, Larry) Rubin, who was our liason, our rock, and is the focus of our newly formed secret cult-like fan club in the back closet at Rosey Media. She's funny, she's quick. . . bottom line, if you don't have a Gabi- get one! Shout outs are also in order to our crew: soundman Dan Walter, AC Don Downie, and Wavetek's Karim Badwan and Paul Jones. At Rosey Media, we pride ourselves on being able to make art in the trenches, deadline looming. It's a refreshing departure, however, to have the time and space to create content from conception to completion. Further, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to do so with such terrific people. Look for the video here soon!