Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rosey Media and Firebrand TV- Internet Innovation

As individuals and a company, we pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest developments in multi-platform content, and keep our edge through continued personal drive and interest in understanding this exciting medium. Thus, when we received a call from Firebrand's Ellen Davis, with an offer to create an interactive commerical for Firebrand, we were more than willing to go play. Firebrand TV is a soon-to-be-launched website, television network, and mobile internet service which features continuous, streaming content of the most creative commercials. Only comercials. No joke. All commericals. To promote the launch of this network, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder Roman Vinoly and Davis brought on Chris Dealy and Greg Erdelyi of the maverick ad firm Splick 13. Each of these guys are responsible for some of the biggest campaign concepts in recent history. After this dynamic duo offered their spin on how to get the word out about the site, Davis contacted Rosey Media to make their virtual "website construction site" a reality. On September 6th and 7th, RM crew moved into NEP Studios courtesy of Barry Katz. With the help of Mac genius Yan Schvalb, AC Don Downie, RM Sound Tech Dan Walter, and a host of support staff from NEP and Firebrand, as well as some serious bells and whistles, RM shot the promo using the Panasonic HDX 900, providing not only live HD monitoring, but also direct importation to hard drive (Final Cut) as well as traditional digital tape. The end result was an efficient shoot culminating in footage in a ready to edit format. The promo is currently airing at:

Rosey Media- Bringing Scary Back

Hey, kids. . . you like scary movies? We do. Which is why when producer Angie Freeman and her brother Jack approached us with their script for the suspense thriller short film "Abberration," we jumped at the chance to create the spooky, atmospheric world of horror and psychological intrigue these two cherubic South Carolinians had envisioned. We all proceeded to lock ourselves in a rented Upper West Side apartment for the better part of a week. If that isn't scary enough, we shot the film while we were there, too. The final product is appropriately claustrophobic and creepy. The lighting's funky, the camera work's cool. . . and, oh yeah. . . there were some actors in it,too. Seriously, we cannot say enough about the professionalism, patience (while some artsy crew guys endlessly tweeked camera and lighting gear,) and committed performances of the cast. We will keep you posted on when and where the film will be screening.