Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wowwy-Wow- Wow!

On April 3rd and 4th, Rosey Media shot the third installment in the gripping Laser Cats SNL Digital Short series. This time the enigmatic Chistopher Walken joined Admiral Spaceship (Andy Samberg) and Nitro (Bill Heder) in their quest to save the planet, and a cage-full of confiscated Laser Cats, from the devious Mayor TopHat (Kenan Thompson). Checkout photos from the shoot.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Less Bitching, More. . . Ah, hell, just start with less bitching.

We are good at putting teams of creative production people together. And our people are great because they, for a myriad of reasons, seem to defy a pervasive trend among production professionals... Despite years of experience- they're not jaded, pissed-off jerks. Apparently,somewhere somebody created the idea that to be a good creative or production staffer, you had to be a complete jaded bitch. Perhaps this stemmed from someone's perception that seeing the ropes and pulleys behind the scenes somehow destroyed the joy and magic of making entertainment. Or maybe it is as simple as textbook posturing to cover personal insecurity. What-ever... It is genuinely annoying to work with a group, or even a few individuals like this. Their attitude does not get things done, and worse, is dangerous to the creative process. That being said, let it be clear that we are proudest of our people, and consider them an integral part of what makes us stand out. They are consistently, for a variety of reasons, present to the production and focus not on what is wrong, but on what is next. Further, we lay it on the table that a fundamental part of our production process is the promise of no bitching. We have seen and strongly believe that a miserable work environment, no matter how efficient or skilled the team, cannot produce great work.