Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Remember the world before the web??

When I started out in television production in 1992, Cell phones where the size of pocketbooks, fax machines cost $500 and the internet did NOT EXIST. Can you imagine?? In an effort to stay on top of how quickly things are changing, I read...a lot. One report that caught my eye was from Horowitz Associates, "Broadband Content and Services 2007." It is amazing how pervasive broadband video is becoming. Some the key data: A whopping 61% of high speed Internet users watch or download broadband video content at least once per week, up from 46% last year. The number jumps to 86% for users who watch at least once per month. FYI- Every category of on-line video experienced an increase in usage over the past year. These are very impressive numbers and they speak to how significant broadband video has become and how quickly it has gotten there. Hold on, You Tube is only 2.5 years old.... Put your seat belt on, this is going to be a wild ride!! Checkout for a great chart on video downloads in 2007.