Monday, May 19, 2008

One More Saturday Night.

The still image below is taken from the final SNL Digital Short of the season, 'Japanese Office', which Rosey Media shot for NBC last Friday. Check it out at: The video and an accompanying story on it, are among the top features in the last 24 hours on The shoot was fun. Its full bodied funny taste and aroma kept Steve Carell smiling too. Speaking of smiles, there were many at the SNL End Of Season After Party (If You Don't Know The Official Title, Just Capitalize Stuff. . .) Here we see Rachele Lynne straight up breakin' it DOWN!!! "Indispensable" Kim Smelter is seen waving off a couple of guys who tried to move in on our dancing diva. We have since identified them as head writer Seth Meyers and Executive Producer Lorne Michaels, both blinded and weeping Old Testament style before Rachele's divine prowess on the dance floor. The legendary voice of SNL, Mr. Don Pardeau. 83+ years old and still at the party... at 4am. No jokes. Mad respect. Did we mention it was a beautiful Spring night and the party was outdoors in the Plaza where the skating rink is? It was a great season for the show and we are honored and happy to be part of the team.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Nickelodeon Spot

For those of you paying attention, the latest Nickelodeon KOPO TV spot started airing this week. Rosey Media produced 4 spots for Nick. The latest spot is called Family Nutrition. The last spot will start airing in June. Check it out!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ummm. . . this shot is from the set of the latest SNL MacGruber short, which featured host Shia LeBoeuf as MacGruber's gay son. Here we see Will Forte, apparently dismayed over the presence of a severed chicken claw on set.... It seems Rosey shares his concern, as he is taking special care to document the event. Ok, so not exactly. . . but c'mon, we don't know who reads this blog... Kids are all about the internet these days. To see the MacGruber spots, check out:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Unsung Heroes of the Rock 3-0

The Facts: On Tuesday, May 6th, Rosey Media shot the promos for the upcoming weekend's episode of SNL, starring host Shia Lebouef (like "boof," y'all... John Wilkes. Recognize.) and SNL cast member Andy Samberg. They were both funny, they were great to work with, they hid in the bushes. . . But enough about that. It was brought to our attention that we never mention some very special people at SNL that you won't be able to see when you tune in Saturday night. Although they work at a breakneck pace, we managed to steal a candid shot or two. . . Brutal, isn't it? And yet they persevere. This is (L to R) Kati 'the intern', Rachel Lynn (standing) Producer Dina Moles (with the patented "what-the-hell-are-you-doing-taking-pictures-get-back-to-work" look), and "Indispensable" Kim Smelter, clearly concentrating on the big show. Finally, Dina and host Shia. This picture was snapped just as Dina exploded in a rage, demanding everyone get it in gear or we'd be over budget. Shia is scared. Andy has passed out in sheer terror, and is laying at her feet just out of frame. That's right. Big ups to the ladies of 30 Rock. Runnin' dat sh*t. FYI- Checkout the SNL Promos at: