Friday, February 15, 2008

Want to Complete the Circuit? Try Rubbing Elbows

It was Rosey Media's pleasure to co-host the February "Circuit" party, and Wednesday night's turn out at the Stone Creek Lounge on East 27th was positively inspiring. Despite the damp weather, the candle lit, casual bar was packed the entire night, and buzzing with all things media. Two years ago Manhattan Casting Director Adrienne Stern and Hungry Man Films Mark Grande decided the best way to be in on the scene was to create one of their own- and they proceeded to do just that. Today with an extensive membership list that includes some of the brightest and most innovative media talents in New York, "The Circuit" holds events designed to facilitate a professional forum and networking platform . . . with a few cocktails thrown in just for good measure. Whether your work is on the big screen, the small screen, or the even smaller screen, celluloid or digital, the Circuit has something to offer, and the scope of knowledge and opportunity shared at the last event was truly impressive. Many thanks to Adrienne and Mark, and to all who turned out.