Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lonely Island + Rosey Media +SNL = 2x The Megan Fox

Sometimes, after an extended vacation, it takes a while to get back up to speed at the office. Unless, of course, you're the Lonely Island, who came back swinging with not one, but TWO Digital Shorts for the September 26th, 2009 35th Season Premiere of Saturday Night Live.

Thursday night found Director of Photography John Rosenblatt and cameraman John Belinski, as well as SoundMeister Dan Walter, Brian Townes, and trusty Rosey Intern Pat Ball on the rooftop Tuscanini Gardens at 30 Rock, filming what we thought was THE Digital Short for the show. It starred host Megan Fox, who, in addition to being a certified bombshell, was also flawlessly poised and on point throughout, as well as SNL cast member and straight-up trooper Will Forte. Co-Directors Akiva Schaffer and John Solomon crafted what would eventually be dubbed "The Date":

Once we were done (at 4:30am...), we said our farewells and headed toward our respective homes and /or late night pancake binges. Friday dawned, and we were busy at work when, lo and behold, we got a second call from Producer Dina Moles. Seemed The Dudes had yet another idea, and midnight found us at the nearby Flatotel on 52nd street, once again in the presence of the stunning Ms. Fox, as well as SNL cast members Andy Samberg and Bobby Moynihan, and a charming and good-humored Brian Austin Green. Akiva directed the second short of the week, "Megan's Roommate":

It was with great pride, and just a touch of "jet"lag, that we watched BOTH shorts air on the season premiere Saturday. Truly, two shorts, and night shoots at that,in less than 48 hours left us a bit disoriented and punchy- and made one thing abundantly clear:

It's good to be back at SNL.