Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rosey Media- Bringing Scary Back

Hey, kids. . . you like scary movies? We do. Which is why when producer Angie Freeman and her brother Jack approached us with their script for the suspense thriller short film "Abberration," we jumped at the chance to create the spooky, atmospheric world of horror and psychological intrigue these two cherubic South Carolinians had envisioned. We all proceeded to lock ourselves in a rented Upper West Side apartment for the better part of a week. If that isn't scary enough, we shot the film while we were there, too. The final product is appropriately claustrophobic and creepy. The lighting's funky, the camera work's cool. . . and, oh yeah. . . there were some actors in it,too. Seriously, we cannot say enough about the professionalism, patience (while some artsy crew guys endlessly tweeked camera and lighting gear,) and committed performances of the cast. We will keep you posted on when and where the film will be screening.

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