Saturday, October 6, 2007

MacDamn Right We Shot It!

Starting as a fairly direct parody of ABC's improvising mechanical genius and action hero MacGyver, the Macgruber character played by Will Forte made a second appearance last season on SNL as a progressively worsening alcoholic, loosely poking at a certain other preposterous quasi-kid's show action hero whose home drunkenness hit the internet in a video shot by his own daughter (David Hasslehoff. . . seriously. . . where have you been??) On Saturday, October 6th, MacGruber was back for a third round, this time as a mess of mid-life crisis and plastic surgery gone bad. Director Jorma Taccone, cast members Will Forte, Maya Rudolph, guest host Seth Rogan, and. . . you guessed it (or if you haven't by this point, just quit. . . yer droolin' on the keyboard...) ROSEY MEDIA!!! Perps in question were DP John Rosenblatt, RM Sound Guy Dan Walter, and the ever-present-and-even-occasionally-useful Brian Townes. Special thanks go to all of the folks at NBC who weren't even the least bit phased when, post-MacGruber, we blew some stuff up. And filmed it. Really. . . but as much fun as that was, since the sketch didn't air this past show, we'll have to save that story for another time.

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