Monday, October 27, 2008

Jah Fire On Fordham Lawn

Last Thursday and Friday, Rosey Media joined the SNL team to bring to life- and to your TV and web browser- the dub skankings of Ras Trent, first semester Rastafarian. Andy Samberg, playing a guy based on hundreds he and fellow writers Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer apparently knew growing up in Berkley, spent two days in a dreadlocked wig and roots threads. On the New York city streets, however, he actually drew fewer looks than you'd think. Here you can test his jammyin' sound: The Thursday shoot was DP'd by Rosey's own Luke Riffle, with "The Line" veteran AC Scott Herriott. Coming in hot off of the previous day's still-not-to-be-disclosed commercial shoot, John Rosenblatt and Brian Townes picked up the Friday shift. Thursday the guys got to go all over the place, but most importantly, to Cold Stone Creamery. At which point they could've called. Or texted. Been like "Hey- we're gettin' ice cream- want some?" But they didn't. Perhaps not the smartest move with Christmas right around the corner. But whatever. We're over it. Anyway. . . The second day found the team traipsing around the Fordham University campus, where, with the exception of a few shouted undergrad declarations of love in Samberg's direction, they were able to drift surprisingly uninterrupted (and perhaps unsanctioned) throughout. As all them college types are inter-web savvy, we don't want to drop names and get anyone in trouble, but we couldn't have done it without "the student hereinafter immortalized as 'my roomate Nick, the ignorant bald-head'" and various members of his covert network. Most impressive was our female guide, who was able to walk into a class she was supposed to be attending at the time, convince the professor to stop her lecture, let us come in and shoot, and have the entire class make an appearance in the Short as well- all in under 1 minute of negotiation. What moxie! What Chutzpah! Thanks to SNL for having us along. And you guys at Fordham- let us know if you find that Sprite can. . .

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