Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How I Met Doogie Howser

On Friday, January 9th, Rosey Media filmed the SNL Digital Short "Doogie Howser Theme," in which SNL host and '80's TV icon Neil Patrick Harris performed a tongue-in-cheek, sentimental arrangement of the theme song from the show which brought him nationwide pre-teen fame. Backed by the entire SNL cast decked in Doogie attire, and shot onstage in the Conan O'Brien studio, the Short came out looking like this: Special thanks go out to Mike Milia and Mike Kirsic of NYC Jibs for the sweeping jib camera work. Due to the scheduling challenges of getting all of the SNL cast in one place at one time, the shoot itself stretched on for a good 16 hours, during which time we found two truths to be self-evident: 1. Neil Patrick Harris is a consummate frickin' professional. He is on point constantly, gracious and tireless in his work. Verbose as we tend to be here, we literally cannot say enough good things about him. 2. The "Doogie Howser Theme" is actually a really beautiful piece of music, inspiring and full of subtle nuance. If you haven't heard it in oh, say, 15 to 20 years-- as most of us hadn't-- give it a listen again. And again. And again. Then again. You'll get it. Really!

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