Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting The Most Out Of Your MacGyver

Since we already did the whole slobbering over shooting with actor Richard Dean Anderson (THE MacGyver) thing, we'll spare you the adolescent self-gratification. We will say, though, that we were very happy to see last Saturday's MacGruber/ MacGyver sketch. Under the direction of Jorma Taccone, we actually shot the sketches on January 12th, the same day we shot the much viewed and discussed SNL/Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial/Sketch "Pepsuber." Here's what dropped Saturday: Thing with SNL is, there's so much funny that gets tossed around, it can't all make air. Further, there are genius takes that occasionally disappear, and humanity is left slightly sadder for it. Thus, we're always glad when something we liked, and thought we'd lost, once again comes to light. John Rosenblatt served as Director of Photography on the shoot, Dan Walter, sound recordist, and Brian Townes was all like " Go, John and Dan!!" The sketch starred Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver. . . did we mention that?) as well as cast members Kristen Wiig, Abby Elliott, Michaela Watkins, and of course Will Forte. . . and his ass.

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