Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rosey Shoots The Increasingly Complex Mr. MacGruber

From Thursday night into the wee hours of Friday morning, January 7th-8th, Rosey Media helped SNL kick off the Spring 2010 half of their 35th season by shooting the latest installment of the ever-popular MacGruber series.

The three skits were directed by Jorma Taccone, with the creative help of John Solomon. John Rosenblatt acted as Director of Photography. Spearheading the crew were camera aces John Belinski and Don Downie, as well as audio savant Dan Walter. DP Aaron Phillips was also on hand to lend his support and usher in this latest incarnation of the increasingly complex social enigma that is. . .MacGruber.

Check it out:

We at Rosey Media are never adverse to an all-nighter, and we look forward to seeing the newly racially-sensitive MacGruber on a slightly larger screen later this year.

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