Thursday, February 1, 2007

"Dick in a Box"

"Dick in a Box" Dec. 12th, 8:00am. In the first hours of what will prove to be an uncharacteristically chilly December morning in New York City, Rosey Media's President and lead Director of Photography John Rosenblatt, and Production Coordinator Brian Townes sit in the relative warmth of their production vehicle parked almost legally on the sidewalk across the highway from Chelsea Piers in NYC. While awaiting the arrival of Saturday Night Live producer Nick Mallardi, Digital Short director Akiva Schaffer, cast member Andy Samberg, and of course, the week's host, Justin Timberlake,their coffee and cell phone reverie is interrupted by a sudden frigid blast from the truck's rear passenger door. Jorma Taccone, the third member of the SNL Digital Short Triumvirate (along with Schaffer and Samberg,) resplendent in stovepipe jeans, uncombed shag hair and a light windbreaker ill-suited to the persistent Hudson wind, launches himself into the vehicle, with a groggy "What's up?" and a quick slam of the door. He is . . . well, exhausted. But everyone at SNL is exhausted. YOU try turning out an hour and a half of fully realized funny in a week. . . These guys work around the clock. They are witty, they are inventive, and they are tired. But they are always funny. And Taccone is no exception. "How are you, man?" Stretching himself across the back seat, shoving a nearby duffle and a folded piece of black duvateen beneath his head, Jorma groans. "I feel like my life is slipping away." he says, rubbing his eyes. "I got two hours of sleep last night." "So. . .how's the thing?" Rosenblatt asks- referring to the morning's shoot, of which he has been told only two things: 1.) It's a music video, and 2.) Justin Timberlake's in it. "Oh, man. . ." Jorma groans again- and then breaks into an ear to ear grin, his fatigue instantly replaced by an almost palpable energy. ". . . it's the JOINT." 16 hours later, Rosey Media, Taccone, Schaffer, Samberg and an affable, funny, and consummately professional Justin Timberlake wrap on what has become SNL's most successful Digital Short. "A Dick in a Box". has been downloaded over 15 million times since it's initial broadcast on December 16th, and has spawned at least 50 internet spinoffs. We at Rosey Media had a good time filming it, and were happy to have been part of the team. If you have not seen it, we invite you to come out of the cave, brush off your knuckles, and check out Seriously. . . go ahead. We'll wait.

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