Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kimora Lee Simmons, Style Network, and Rosey Media. . . Together Again.

Tuesday Feb 13th- D.P., Ari Haberberg and sound engineer Dan Walter, found themselves braving wind chills in the teens on the tarmac at Teterboro airport, an exclusive airstrip about 20 minutes from the City. Kimora Lee Simmons, her two daughters, and a staff of about ten others were boarding Simmons' private jet and escaping to the warmer climates of Vegas. And as part of a new series in development for the Style Network chronicling the fabulous life of our Phavorite Phat Phashion Diva, Style producer Carmen Mitcho and the Rosey Media boys, undaunted by the weather, and the reports of the oncoming storm, were there to cover their departure. Even less daunted were DP Matt Beals, Sound Engineer Joe D., and Production Coordinator Brian Townes, who,after covering the journey's preparations at the Simmons' NJ mansion, watched the frigid action from inside the well heated Atlantic Airlines terminal, feeling really, really bad that airport security only allowed for one crew on the tarmac at a time. . . ...really.

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