Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday. . .

Sunday the 29th of April found the RM Crew collaborating once again with producer Jill Abrahams and director Joshua White on another installment of Cherry Dish. For those of you who missed our first notes on this, it's a soon to be launched webisode series for www.CherryTV.com- featuring, as it claims, juicy talk for women, by women. And this second taping proved every bit as juicy as the first. The gals kicked around topics including "Technique," "Boundaries," and the one we all really want to know about "What Makes A Good (or Bad) Partner." The panel, now familiar with, and quite at home in the intimate, RM-constructed studio, got so raucous at points that even the ever-so-composed Ms. Abrahams had trouble maintaining order. Heck, even camerawoman Femme Fatale Kristana Textork, joining the RM Crew for the Cherry Dish episode, learned a thing or two. As for the rest of the RM guys, they once again left in a somewhat stunned, but wiser state.

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