Friday, March 30, 2007

Speaking Deutsch With The $7 Billion Dollar Man

Thursday, March 29th: Rosey and Brian Townes were invited by a contact at CNBC's The Donnie Deutsch Show to sit in on a taping of this popular business television program. In an exceptionally rare event, advertising mogul and TV personality Donnie Deutsch was doing a first-ever on camera interview with the world's 104th richest man, Ron Perlman- whose personal estimated worth is somewhere around $7 billion. That's right. . . billion. 7 of 'em. This is, of course, not saying anything about the value of the many corporations he has purchased and sold, and the subsequent fortunes he has made over the years for those involved. And what was it like in the presence of this tycoon, this pillar of Wall Street, this Emperor of the Exchange? He was nice. No he was cool. Relaxed and joking with Mr. Deutsch, Perlman spent the better part of an hour imparting the wisdom that has made him his fortune, over a Diet Coke, as though he were at any cafe in the city. Gracious and humble, he even accepted questions from the invited audience. So, how does one, according to Perlman make a fortune? Rule number one- without question- "You have to love what you do. If you don't, you'll never be as good at it as someone who does, and they are your competition." Shortly after the floor was opened to CNBC's guests, the ever intrepid Rosey stepped to the mic, and posed the following: Rosey: "Hi! John Rosenblatt with a question... (got the last name in there- didn't quite make it to plugging the company, but hey- gotta admire his restraint) "What do you look for in the people you hire. Your team. . ." Ronald's response was simple: "You have to surround yourself with people smarter than you. And they have to be good people. Every bad situation I've ever been in in business has gone back to a person who did not have a good heart, and should not have been on the team...' To which Deutsch added: "I used to say this. . . the people we hire have to have big brains, big hearts, thick skins, and be 2% off-center" Ok- so maybe we lean a little more toward people around 7% off-center, but otherwise we couldn't agree more... At press time, the show is slated to air in the second week of April. Check CNBC and for details.

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