Monday, March 26, 2007

Peyton Manning's got good timing...

Ever watch those paranormal documentary shows? Y'know, the ones where the guys are wandering around through the supposedly haunted house, and they suddenly say "Did you hear that?" And even though we, at home, in our living rooms, don't, we still accept that it may have happened, and keep watching? So, it goes like this- Rosey Media Production Coordinator and general go-to guy Brian Townes, sound guru Dan Walter, and DP John "Rosey" Rosenblatt are on a soccer field at the Hudson River Park. They've been there for about three hours on a gray March morning, shooting a Digital Short for SNL with director Akiva Schaeffer and writer/cast member Seth Myers. Things are bumping along, when Rosey ducks out and heads for the blue Porta-John on the edge of the field. Seconds later, the show's host for the week, 6'5" Colts QB and Super Bowl Champ, Peyton Manning comes bounding across the field. "Who's in the port-o-let? Who just went to the john?" Never one to betray a comrade, Walters and Townes immediately and simultaneously rat their fearless leader out. "Watch this. . ." Peyton picks up one of the footballs he has been throwing around during the taping of the SNL Digital Short "United Way" and sprints toward the can. With a carefully trained arm and eye like a laser sight, he fires the pigskin, full throttle, directly toward the door of the Porta-John. The most primitive of microphones could have captured the collosal thud the football made as it slammed into the fiberglass door of the little blue Porta-John. Although brief, the drum-like boom was heard by everyone on the field. What was not, however, was what Mr. Manning reported gleefully as he jogged back toward the assembled cast and crew. "Y'all hear that?" He exclaims, grinning ear to ear, belly laughing as he runs."Aw, man. . . he screamed just like a girl!" "I don't blame him. . ."Manning continues, briefly regaining his composure. "We have those port-a-johns at practice, and. . .you can't go in 'em without the guys [messing] with ya. . . shaking 'em all over and. . . aw, man, he did scream. . ." he trails off, laughing again. This entire transaction takes about thirty seconds, a slightly unnerved Rosenblatt exits the Porta-John in a dignified manner... smiling...kinda. During later discussion, Rosey did admit to being quite startled by Peyton's prank... Bottom line- If you want to scare the crap out of someone (Get it?!). Chuck a football when your mate is taking time out in the Porta- John. As for Peyton Manning, anyone who caught last week's Saturday Night Live can attest he distinguished himself by being not only well spoken and charismatic, but genuinely funny as well. If you missed the Digital Short, check it out at:

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