Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What women like...

There's a reason they call it "girl talk." If you're male, you don't know what they talk about. If you're a more progressive, open-minded and well educated guy, with lots of close, sincere, female friends, and you think you know what they talk about. . . you don't. But thanks to Cherry Dish- the brainchild of producer Jill Abrahams, and director Joshua White, and the ingenuity of the boys at Rosey Media, you will have the opportunity to learn what women really like. On Sunday March the 4th, Rosey Media shot the first four episodes of Cherry Dish, a new internet series for the website www.cherrytv.com. The round table discussion, four camera format featured rotating groups of six women, engaging in remarkably honest, sexy, fun and educational discussion on various aspects of women's sexuality. Our take? While television shows have flirted with this kind of material for years (think Sex in The City...), rarely has it been addressed in such an open manner, with such humour and confidence. Guided by an insightful Abrahams, the women shared their sexual experiences and views on such topics as masturbation, bi- sexuality, dildos, and the pros and cons of vibrators in a comfortable, fun, and engaging show. The boys at Rosey Media- and it did just happen to be an all male crew- learned a lot and were happy to have been a part of this project. It's always a pleasure to be a part of a positive, professional, and dynamic production- but it's rare to come away from a day on the set wanting to discuss with your friends how their mates like to 'diddle their skittle'... Diddle your skittle, get it? No really, it's important! Juicy? Certainly. Engaging? Totally. Most of all, this series is an opportunity for anyone, regardless of gender, to learn about what women like from a women's perspective. The webisodes are currently in post production, check in at www.cherrytv.com for the debut date.

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